Philip Wilson Arboriculture

Trees and landscape

Summary of example report

A proposal to develop the site was refused planning permission in 2006 on the grounds that it failed to respect the context, was harmful to the landscape character of the site and was destructive of the privacy of adjoining dwellings. 

In the revised design, any significant incursion into the area designated as having landscape importance is avoided, safeguarding the setting for the rear of the nearby listed buildings.  Very little tree work is envisaged so that the colour and texture of the site viewed from distant vantage points to the south, and dominated by the trees’ crowns, will be largely unchanged. And the proposed dwellings would hardly be visible, if at all, from the rear of the High Street owing to the interposition of the stable block, and will be of comparable scale.

 The larger trees on the whole site are treated generously, so that there is very little conflict between them and the revised design in terms of the British Standard governing the interests of trees in relation to development. The opportunity could be taken to augment the tree stock overall, ultimately enhancing the site’s landscape character.